TVR’s back. Again

TVR Griffith

Loud paint, loud exhaust and loud styling. Definitely a TVR then.

TVR is nothing but consistent. They’ve been making wild, rear wheel drive sports cars then closing down since 1947. To celebrate the marque’s 70th anniversary TVR has finally released images of its new car, bringing back the marque and its Griffith moniker. In fashion true to form, the Griffith ‘2.0’ is in your face, light, powerful and very British. So British that it will be the first car to be launched at the Goodwood Revival Festival.

The Griffith has been designed by English engineering demigod Gordon Murray (yes, the McClaren F1 guy) using his unique iStream process. While it sounds like something to come out of Silicon Valley, iStream is essentially a hybrid monocoque structure made up of metallic ‘iFrames’ and composite ‘iPanels’. The design uses the iFrame to form a basic skeleton which allows attachment points for the powertrain, steering, suspension and cabin. The iPanels are then bonded to the structure, acting as bodywork and bracing. The unique system allows the Griffith to be extremely rigid while tipping the scales at 1200kg — around 100kg less than Toyota’s 86.

new, TVR, Griffith

The formula’s not new, but the oily bits are. Ford derived V8 is fettled by Cosworth with dry-sump set-up allowing the engine to live low in the engine bay.

The light weight and unique construction method has been teamed up with a full ground-effect aerodynamics package which has been made possible in part by the slightly mad side exit exhaust system. Just as mad as the exhaust is what lives at the other end of it — a Cosworth fettled 5.0 litre V8. The engine is based on the one you’ll find under the bonnet of Ford’s Mustang, but with dry-sump lubrication, a new ECU and flywheel. It’s promised to offer around 300kW per tonne and take the Griffith to 100km/kmh in 4seconds while on the way to a 200+mph top speed.

tvr griffith

TVR wanted the new Griffith to be “breathtaking in appearance”. Mission accomplished, we’d say.

In traditional TVR form the new Griffith is manual only, with Tremec supplying a beefy 6-Speed manual. What is a little different from TVR’s of old, is the fact that this car will feature airbags, ABS, ESP and electric power steering! The ABS and ESP do allow the Griffith to comply with European Type Approval so we’ll have to let that one slide (pun intended). Suspension is double-wishbones at both ends, held up by adjustable coil-over dampers, while brakes are massive 370 and 350mm discs with 6 and 4 piston calipers.

TVR will produce 500 Launch Edition Griffiths, offered with extra specification for slightly under the £90,000 list price. Production is scheduled for late 2018 with first deliveries expected early 2019. Only time will tell if TVR will be true to form and cease to exist. One thing’s for sure though, the new Griffith looks to have been worth the wait.

See what TVR has to say about the Griffith on their website.

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