Alfa Romeo takes ‘fastest sedan’ title

Hold the phone. Alfa Romeo has just sent one of its new Giulia QV‘s around the Nurburgring in just 7m32s, making it the fastest production sedan around the infamous ‘green hell’. Just for reference, that lap time is around the same pace as a new 911 GT3 and faster than a Ferrari 430 Scuderia. What’s even more impressive than the lap time itself, is the fact an Alfa Romeo managed to complete an entire lap without breaking down…

Having originally set a 7m39s in a manual version of the hot Giulia, Alfa’ seemed pretty chuffed. That sense of self satisfaction didn’t last long, with Porsche raining on their parade just a matter of weeks later, setting a 7m38s lap in their new Panamera Turbo. Not being content with having the ‘second fastest sedan’ title, Alfa’ decided to strap Fabio Francia, Alfa’ and Maserati test driver, into the driver’s seat for another crack at the title – this time using a QV fitted with their twin clutch ‘TCT’ transmission.

We all know that lapping the Nurburgring takes some serious commitment, whether you’re trying for a record or not, but Francia’s lap is truly next level. What’s even more impressive is the fact that Alfa Romeo, who just a decade ago were producing sedans like the 156, are now building one that’s shaming supercars. Lets hope the reliability has improved as much as the performance. In the meantime, watch the lap and marvel at a truly 10/10ths lap of the green hell.

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