Wheelie long TT lap

Dougie Lampkin, Isle of Man, TT, Wheelie

Just like this, only for an expected two hours…UK trials legend Dougie Lampkin will be ‘feeling the burn’ after a 37 mile long wheelie.

What’s harder than tackling the Isle of Man’s infamous TT course on two wheels? Doing it on one wheel of course!

UK trials legend Dougie Lampkin is set to do just that, tackling the 37 mile course on just the back wheel of his 300cc Vertigo trials bike. Now, a fast lap of the Snaefell Mountain Course takes around 17 minutes with average speeds approaching 134mph. Dougie’s lap is expected to be slightly more ‘pedestrian’ when he attempts it, with an estimated time of around two hours and an average speed of about 20mph…

Obviously speed isn’t the name of the game with this lap – balance is. Dougie won’t only be balancing the bike on it’s back wheel, he’ll also be balancing the 300cc two-stroke’s thirst for fuel. The Vertigo has been fitted with a larger fuel tank for the lap, which is a good thing considering the standard bike’s tank is under 2.5 litres. Of course, a large part of keeping the bike on its rear wheel for 37 miles will be balancing the rear brake, of which the Vertigo will have two.

Dougie has highlighted a few areas that will be ‘particularly challenging’, including the infamous Ballaugh Bridge and the ‘verandah’ on top of the mountain course, which can get a little windy at times! He is only expected to have to change gears a handful of times throughout the lap, which in itself is pretty impressive.

The whole lap is going to be live streamed over on Red Bull TV if you’ve got two hours to kill on 24 September. Something tells me that, despite the massive skill this lap will take, waiting for the highlights reel might be more exciting for spectators…

Dougie Lampkin, Isle of Man, TT, Wheelie

Only minor modifications had to be made to the 300cc Vertigo, including a bigger fuel tank and two rear brakes.


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