Porsche Rennsport Festival 2016

Cayman, GT4, porsche

Cayman GT4 just one of Porsche’s modern highlights. This particular car recently finished 3rd in Targa Tasmania at the hands of Jim Richards.

Porsche’s new model line-up has been going from strength-to-strength recently, with the sold out before you could order it, 911 R and the universally acclaimed Cayman GT4 the obvious highlights. However, if the current price of all things ‘air-cooled’ is anything to go off, there’s no shortage of people happy to wax lyrical about Porsches of the past too.

Porsche 911 rennsport

Porsches of all flavour were competing on track as part of the Porsche Rennsport Festival.

As far as motoring trends go, Porsches are ‘so hot right now‘. Go back five years and air-cooled 911’s were relatively affordable, swooned over by only the most die-hard of ‘Porschephiles’. Fast forward to the present day and thanks to characters like Magnus Walker and Nakai san of RAUH-Welt Begriff fame, early 930 and 964 911’s are being coveted by car nuts of all walks of life. Before you point out that I haven’t mentioned 993s, when were they even ‘cheap’?

 RAUH-Welt Begriff, 911, RWB

Not to every taste, RAUH-Welt Begriff 911s have brought the marque to new markets.

In only its second year, Porsche Rennsport Festival pulled together almost 400 Porsches that took part in timed regularity events, races and displays split over three days at Sydney Motorsport Park. Fresh from Porsche’s Stuttgart museum were the only rear-engineed vehicle to win at Le Mans, the 1979 Martini liveried, 935-77 and the 1998 LMP1-98. A 991 generation 911 GT3-RSR was also on hand to keep the classics honest and show just how far motorsport technology has come in past 37 years. Magnus Walker was also flown over from Los Angeles to complete the international flavour of 2016’s Rennsport.

935 porsche slant nose

The 935-77 makes 463kW from its 2.85-litre twin-turbo flat-six and sounded fantastic (and laggy) doing it.

Action on track was open to the most exotic and the most ‘mundane’ of Porsche’s back catalog, with some owners pushing harder than others. With regularity events open to Porsches of all walks of life (roll-cage not required) it was refreshing to see a track-day prepped 944 going up against a 997 GT3 RS – with obvious results.

997 gt3 rs 911

Signal green 997 GT3 RS is very high on the Twist and Lean dream car list.

When the current crop of GT3 Cup cars hit the track everyone in attendance was treated to one of the automotive world’s finest sounds – a Porsche flat-six popping through a sequential gearbox at 8500rpm. Speaking of which, many of the Cup cars were bouncing off that limiter over the crest of Sydney Motorsport Park’s turn three, adding to the aural delights.


Up close and personal. Rennsport allows all to mingle with Stuttgart’s finest.

Australia lacks festivals like Rennsport. Festivals that attract international stars (both automotive and human) and allow punters to rub shoulders with cars they covet. With prices of earlier 911s now resembling phone numbers it’s refreshing to see them enjoyed how they were intended. As for the $330,000 Cayenne Turbo on display – I’ll let someone else wax lyrical about that.



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