Grom for Australia


After being taunted by all sorts of hilarious looking shenanigans by riders in the US and abroad, Honda’s GROM has been officially confirmed for a mid-2016 launch in Australia.

In recent years new motorcycles have seemingly got more-and-more serious with each model launch. Additional rider modes here,  more weight there and horsepower figures that now don’t even get noticed unless they start with a two. The GROM is the antithesis of this trend.

Powered by a 2-valve 125cc 4-stroke single cylinder engine with a 4-speed manual transmission, the GROM features just what you need and nothing you don’t. It’s got upside down forks, disc brakes and that previously mentioned transmission has a hand operated clutch just to make those mono’s a little easier. All of this in a package that weighs not much more than 100kg.

Oh, and did I mention that in its launch year of 2014 it was named MotoUSA’s bike of the year? A pretty massive achievement for a bike that tops out at 110km/h and it’s even more impressive when you consider the 2015 winner was the 300hp Kawasaki H2R…

Honda has had a pretty uninspiring line-up down under for a few years now. The CBR1000RR has had one foot out the door for at least the past three years – and apart from the recent Africa Twin launch – there hasn’t been a whole lot to excite Aussie Honda fans. Until now.

Now don’t get me wrong, the GROM won’t  be for everyone and it probably couldn’t be your only bike. But it’s a refreshing injection of ‘fun’ into the Australian bike market. If its popularity in the US is anything to go by then it should open up a huge custom and race scene too.

There hasn’t been any mention of pricing yet but expect a sub $4k entry if scooters like Yamaha’s BeeWee 125 are anything to go off. I’ll have mine in Hyper Yellow thanks.

GROM 125 Honda

Light on everything but fun. The GROM will be a refreshing addition to the Australian motorcycle scene.


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