Iveco Daily 4×4

Iveco Daily 4x4

One way to take whatever you want, wherever you want…

Two turbochargers, four cylinders, a six-speed manual transmission and four wheel drive. Sounds like a bit of a laugh right? Well unfortunately those features are attached to a body that weighs 3,000 kilograms, is over two and a half metres tall and are powering what is essentially a small truck. Welcome to the Iveco Daily 4×4.

These trucks have been on (but mostly off) Australian roads since 2012 and are usually reserved for rural fire fighters or the mining industry, but not this one. Sighted in coastal Newcastle this rig featured a roof top tent, some cavernous storage where the tray once lived and some fairly serious off road kit. The Daily 4×4 is touted by Iveco as a truck that can ‘conquer the toughest conditions’ and with three differential locks (front, rear, and centre), 24 forward and 4 reverse gear ratios and leaf suspended live axles that give you 255mm of ground clearance, I’m willing to believe them.

Iveco Daily 4x4

24 forward gears and 4 reverse. Spoilt for choice!

With 90 sold in Australia in 2014 the Daily 4×4 is not what you’d call a common sight on the road. In fact if you want rarity then forget your Italian exotica and get in the drivers seat of one of these behemoths. Admittedly getting into that seat is easier said that done, with the seat base being almost 170 centimetres off the ground. Once you have clambered up into the nosebleed section that is the driver’s seat, don’t expect anything too luxurious, but to do so would be missing the point. The Daily 4×4 is designed to feel most comfortable off the pavement where its 400 newton metre, 170 horsepower four cylinder and those previously mentioned 28 gears can push you through what ever terrain you might come across. If you do get stuck, there’s always the winch up front but I don’t think I’d like to get a three tonne truck stuck anywhere.

Iveco Daily 4x4

A high truck on High Street.

The Daily 4×4 really is an intriguing mix of off road and truck and really doesn’t have much competition. Having seen one in person I’m seriously impressed by its presence and sheer size and after watching Truck TV Australia do some fairly serious off roading in their review here I think I’ve just added another vehicle to the dream garage. If anyone asks about it I’ll just say that it’s a twin turbocharged manual for weekend blasts…Little do they know.


4 responses to “Iveco Daily 4×4

  1. Hi.
    I own the truck in the image. Happy to take you for a ride to give you a better and more informed perspective.



    • Hey I have just purchased a dual cab 4×4 daily can you tell me where you had your canopy camper made up


      • Hi Luke. Not our truck so we’re not sure this one was made. If you’re based around Newcastle Dutch Engineering have been making aluminium trays for about 50 years so they must be doing something right.


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