Australian wheels make it on Ford’s GT350R

Ford GT350R Carbon Revolution

Carbon Revolutions CR-9 is set to feature on Ford’s GT350R (photo credit: Carbon Revolution)

With the release of Ford’s new Mustang and it’s hardcore track focussed 520 horsepower Shelby GT350R, an Australian company, Carbon Revolution, is helping the Porsche GT3 contender make the news.

Ford’s media release says that “With a little help from Space Shuttle technology, Ford helped reinvent the wheel”. I don’t want to get into semantics but a company from Geelong helped reinvent the wheel Ford, not you! Carbon Revolution actually produces the world’s only one-piece carbon fibre wheel available to the public. Sure, Koenigsegg make their own one-piece carbon fibre wheel but I wouldn’t exactly call them publically available when you can only get them bolted to a $2million+ car.

Carbon Revolution’s CR-9 wheel weighs in at just over eight kilograms in GT350R sizing, which equates to a weight saving of around six kilograms per-wheel. I should also point out that ‘GT350R sizing’ means 19×11-inch front and 19×11.5-inch rear! Any reduction in unsprung weight, such as these wheels, has a huge effect on braking, acceleration, handling and even fuel-economy (not that the GT350R will be known for that). The wheels have been tested to the highest German TUV standards, according to the Geelong based company, and during their own performance cut lap times by 1.3 seconds!

To date no performance figures have been released by Ford for the GT350R. However they have said that it will be the first of 12 performance models set to be released by 2020 which will include the new GT.

Shelby GT350R Ford

No performance figures as yet and not available outside of Canada and the US. Australian wheels though. (Photo credit: Ford)



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