Off the road again

An all too familiar sight...

An all too familiar sight…

If you want a job done properly, do it yourself; or so the saying goes. After admitting defeat and realising that time/space was lacking on my behalf and having the head gasket/head replacement done elsewhere I have been re-doing and fiddling with work that I’ve been less than impressed with ever since. After the initial wok took six weeks longer than I’d been promised I picked the car up only to find that the rev counter no longer worked, I’d been charged more than we had agreed upon and to make matters worse, the car was leaking coolant as well. At least I had the car back though!

Over the coming weeks I began noticed things like an oil leak from the front of the engine somewhere, cable ties used instead of hose clamps on air inlet pipes and then after a drive through the mountains the car developed an exhaust leak. Sure enough the exhaust gasket where the headers join the exhaust system hadn’t been changed when the head was re-fitted. So with the help of accommodating friends, a garage was commandeered and a ‘to-do list’ was written. So far the door that hasn’t been able to be opened for three years has been rectified, the radiator has been removed and is off for a re-fresh, the thermostat has been replaced and the water pump is next on the shopping list. I’ve also replaced and re-packed the front wheel bearings as the front left had a fair few millimetres of play and I’m also waiting on a front crankshaft seal and exhaust gasket from BMW.

Another thing I have quickly realised is that working on an old car like the 633 can quickly get out of control. One thing leads to another and before you realise, the whole front of the engine is on the shed floor and the bonnet is on the car’s roof. I’m a firm believer in preventative maintenance, hence why the simple job of replacing a thermostat and exhaust gasket has resulted in what looks set to be a substantial parts bill. So apart from providing me with a snappy title to this post, taking the car off the road again should let me fix some niggling problems caused by some average workmanship and will also provide me with some piece-of-mind motoring in the (hopefully) near future.


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