Throttle Roll 2014

Throttle Roll 2014.

Throttle Roll 2014.

Harley Davidson, Yamaha, BMW, Suzuki and Honda. If you like custom motorcycles then chances are you’d have found something you liked at 2014’s Throttle Roll show in Sydney. Throttle Roll (now in its second year) took place on 10-11 of May showing off the huge custom bike scene in Sydney, something made clear by the huge turnout to this year’s event.

What did all these bikes have in common? oil leaks by the look of it; oil leaks and a huge amount of time, dedication and talent invested in them. The level of bikes on display was mind-blowing, with customs from the likes of Shed-X and Machine to name drop a few.

Shed-X's Ducati 749 flat tracker. Perfect.

Shed-X’s Ducati 749 flat tracker. Perfect.

Throttle Roll is a truly unique show, taking place in the beer garden of an inner-west Sydney suburb and with bikes stacked three high to maximise space, the view of many of the bikes was truly unique. The custom bikes were almost as impressive as the facial hair/tattoo combos.



Yamaha’s SR and XS series of bikes prove to be some of the most popular bikes to modify in the cafe racer scene, with BMW’s air head twins coming up a close second. The level of fabrication on some of the bikes present was second-to-none, proving that the Australian custom bike scene can mix it with the best in the world. Sure, a lot of the bikes followed ‘form-over-function’ but that just meant that there were hours of details to drink in; like indicators made from copper pipe fittings and oil tanks made from repurposed fire extinguishers.



Considering it’s only in its formative years, Throttle Roll was set to attract over 500 bikes over the weekend and if the turnout on Saturday was anything to go by, a good few thousand attendees. It’s not hard to see why; where else can you see a Honda CB450 with a surfboard rack and seat built to accommodate a 6-pack of beer…?

Drink riding - brought to you by the Australian custom motorcycle scene.

Drink riding – brought to you by the Australian custom motorcycle scene.



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