Ducati 750 Super Sport


Unveiled at the Milan Motorcycle show in November of 1973, the Ducati 750 Super Sport was the first L-twin motorcycle from Ducati to feature its Desmodromic valve actuation (now a staple of all of the marques engines). The 750cc L-twin pushed out about 70hp at 8,800rpm and was the road going equivalent of Paul Smart’s race bike from the Imola 200 endurance race.

The 750 Super Sport can probably lay claim to being the first real race bike for the road. These bikes could be optioned with ‘sports-pack’ that consisted of 40mm Dell’Orto carburetors, Borani rims and performance exhausts that took them even closer to the race bike. There was only about 400 Super Sports made and due to their complex Desmodromic valve actuation (a rocker arm opens and closes the valve, removing the need for a valve spring and also removing dreaded ‘valve-float’ at high rpm) and bevel driven cams the cost to produce these bikes eventually out weighed the worth.

Despite the cost and its rarity it has to be one of the most classically beautiful Ducatis. The proportions, the silver and blue colour scheme and the fact that it has a kick-starter gets me slightly more excited than it should…oh, and don’t get me started on the practically un-filtered Dell’Ortos sucking down premium-unleaded.

I get heart palpitations at the thought of kicking this 750cc L-twin into life...

I get heart palpitations at the thought of kicking this 750cc L-twin into life…


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