A 23 year old Volvo…


Some most people would travel 1500 kilometres to get away from a 23 year-old Volvo station wagon. I on the other hand travelled more than 1500kms to get one. While people say “the Internet has shrunk the world” they don’t mean that literally. When you buy a 23 year old Volvo using the power of the Internet you still have to collect it, even if it is roughly as far away from you as Poland is from France (1766kms if you’re wondering).

Old Volvos have about the same mass appeal as defecating in public, some people do it but it’s generally frowned upon. I am part of the group that loves old Volvos (not defecating in public). I love fact that if the wheels didn’t have to be round they probably wouldn’t have been; the fact that they look like they could double as a block of apartments, especially in wagon form and also the fact that they are some of the last cars that can truly be described as being built like a tank.

Now buying a car sight unseen (apart for some photos on eBay) is not the brightest idea I’ve ever had, despite the fact that I’ve done it twice. Sure the seller might not have mentioned that some interior trim is missing, or that there’s an odd/bad noise coming from the turbo charger but my Volvo is a rare tank indeed. It is the last of the RWD series of Volvos and also being fitted with the B230 turbo charged, single cam 2.3L four cylinder. I wasn’t going to let trust issues or a giant distance stop me from owning this fine piece of Swedish architecture car design. Correct me if I’m wrong but everything looks better in wagon form and don’t even get me started with the “flying brick” 850R wagon BTCC cars!

What does the future hold for this wagon? A general tidy up, new turbo, more boost and a towbar. Because there’s nothing like towing your sports bike to a track-day with heated leather seats, three rows of seats and a tape deck stereo with a graphic equaliser!

The similarities between the Volvo and the block of apartments behind it are uncanny...

The similarities between the Volvo and the block of apartments behind it are uncanny…


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